Best in Quality, Long - lasting Long length & Full human hair, Top quality for your beauty

1 Selecting the Hair

cut hairHairs of the highest quality are sourced from different areas. Natural hair is usually cut from women’s heads and tied as a single piece in different lengths. Hairs in different lengths and sizes are assorted, segregated and sold at different prices. WuShangHair’s hair material is sourced mostly from Indian temples, the Chinese countryside and Southeast Asian countries.

2 Arranging the Hair

original hairThe thickness percentage of the hair is determined by the style and maintenance regime of the person providing the hair. Some women prefer to have long hair and some have a mix of long and short hair. The hair is arranged to ensure that it is even.

3 Washing the Hair

washing hairThe arranged hair is soaked in a solution of conditioners and detergents to remove the dirt, oil and other dust particles. Usually the hair is soaked in oil it can improve the hand feel of the hair. The soaked hair is then washed in water several times until it is clean and sent for drying.

4 Drying

drying hairSunlight is essential for proper drying. The washed hair is sun dried for several hours to make sure the hair becomes soft. It is preferred not to use the heater for drying as it gives an unusual odor to the hair.Though sun drying accounts for almost 10 - 15% of weight loss after washing, it is easier to identify the texture of the hair after proper drying.

5 Hackling

pull hairHackling is a process by which the hair is arranged evenly according to size. All short hair removed from the pieces is arranged for further processing. Only trained professionals can do this job. Extreme care is taken in this process to avoid mixing up the heads and ends of the hair. The top and end of the hair should be arranged in the same direction; only then it is remy hair. A small mistake could become a disaster.

6 Trimming and Sorting

sort hairIt’s yet done after hackling. This follows hackling. Trimming and sorting are carried out to ensure the hairs match in lengths, colors, and textures.

7 Quality Control

check waterHair from WuShangHair has passed strict inspection.The quality control includes wefts sewing,length and weight measurement,washing and dying test etc. This is to ensure customers’100% satisfaction.

8 Usage Details Consideration

weft hairHair wefts have strong double layers to reduce hair shedding. The ends of wefts are sealed with glue to keep hair from shedding too. New techniques are researched time after time to make the hair wefts suitable in terms of volume and lifespan. Thus scarcely no money is wasted.

Well, we all know the importance of a first impression! The hair extension industry is competitive, so it is important to have great hair extension packaging to set yourself apart from the crowds. Having your bundles perfectly packed in our custom hair extension bags is a great start. Your clients will be excited to open their package, be welcomed by its soft, silky texture and to see your logo on it.

customization bags logo

Custom Satin Bags for Hair Extensions 500pcs for $568.00

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Custom Hair Tags 1000pcs for $80.00

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Private Label - Custom Hair Labels 1000pcs for $50.00

Step By Step:

Step 1

Please send us your logo design so we can use it to design your package. [LOGO by YOU]

Step 2

We will calculate the total price according to the details you provide.

Step 3

We will produce your sample packaging and once you have approved this, we will produce the whole customized order.

1. How does WuShangHair's VIP program work?

WuShangHair's VIP program includes 3 stages and each stage will enjoy different price discount. Our system records your purchase history and we can calculate your VIP level according to how much you have spent.

Bronze VIP: Accumulative spent below $2,000.00

Silver VIP: Accumulative spend between $2,000.00-$5,000.00

Gold VIP: Accumulative spent over $5,000.00

2. VIP Benefits

VIP Grade Benefits Bronze VIP Silver VIP Gold VIP
Birthday Gift
Free product image & description
Free logo & packaging design
Prior Shipping
Social Introduction

How do I place an order?

Step 1: Add the products you want to order to the cart and save the order, or send us your order details directly by emailing info@wushanghair.com.
Step 2: Offer Sheet will be sent to you within 24 hours after receiving your message.
Step 3: Invoice will be sent to you after Offer Sheet is confirmed.
Step 4: Make the payment.
Step 5: Your order will be processed and delivered on time.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

No there isn't any minimum order quantity needed. You can buy one bundle, a hundred bundles or more. The more you buy, the more discounts you get.

Where is the product shipped from? What is the cost of shipping?

All our products are shipped from China. We ship orders using DHL to the United States and other couriers according to the areas. We do offer expedited shipping at the customers expense and estimated delivery costs/time vary depending on which kind of service is chosen, weight of package, and delivery destination.

How do I pay for my order?

Once you have confirmed the price, you can pay for your order by Western Union, Money Gram, transfer (T/T), or Paypal, a +5% extra charge will be applied to your order price if you choose Paypal. Once the payment is completed, we will inform you as soon as possible.

I noticed that some of the bundles have a slightly lighter hair color than other bundles I have ordered previously. I also discovered a few grey hairs present. Is this normal?

Absolutely. This is perfectly normal. Please understand that 100% pure Virgin hair is untreated hair. It comes from various donors. Some donors are older than others and vice versa. Each donor will have a different hair curl pattern and hair color ranging anywhere from an off black to a natural brown color, and yes, even a few gray strands here or there. At no time will virgin hair bundles ever look the same because all hair is not donated by the same person. What is always consistent is the raw and natural quality of the hair. The gorgeous texture and gentle blend that it has with your own natural hair.